Book Review: The Talent Code

I recently finished reading The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, a great book one of Julie’s students recently lent her. Daniel Coyle’s mission in writing The Talent Code is to unlock the mystery of the world’s great talents. What makes someone great? Is it something innate? Something we’re just born with? Or can it be cultivated? If so, how? He focuses his investigation on various hotbeds of talent throughout the world and across a number of different disciplines, from music academies, to soccer teams, to inner city schools and looks at the phenomenon from three different angles: practice, inspiration, and master coaching.
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Dealing with Stage Fright, or “Why Do I Do This to Myself?”


We received a request to address the issue of performance anxiety, and though Jeremy, till this point, has been the one writing the articles for our little blog, this is a topic I can speak to with some experience.

Most of us have had to deal with performance anxiety at some point in our lives. Perhaps you can relate to one of the following situations: participating in a piano recital as a child and noticing one of your legs has begun trembling like crazy; addressing a roomful of people and realizing your voice is quavering and though you haven’t been running, you seem to have suddenly become out of breath; or—more relevant to this blog post—singing in public and realizing your palms have started sweating so much you’re positive the audience will be able to see your hand prints on your music folder…

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I gotta practice scales? Really…? Ugh…

It’s one of those things. We know we’re supposed to do it, but it’s so boring… So we do a little half-hearted warm-up for a few minutes before we get down to the real reason we started taking singing lessons: singing our favourite songs over and over again. Right?

Well here’s some food for thought from the Bulletproof Musician, a blog all about learning to practice better. (And, you guessed it, that means practicing your scales!)

Why I’d Spend a Lot More Time Practicing Scales If I Could Do It All Over Again