See what some of our former students have had to say.

“Julie is a talented teacher who is knowledgeable about technique and a full range of vocal genres. She skillfully coached our son in preparation for his auditions to University programs and assisted him in transitioning from an experienced choral singer to a solo vocalist. Julie’s lessons were motivating, well informed and sensitive to the subtle changes necessary to achieve a new level of skill.

I whole-heartedly recommend Julie as a vocal instructor.”

Vickie (parent)

“Julie and Jeremy Ludwig were my voice coaches from 2011 to 2013 when they lived in Toronto. They are wonderful, upbeat, fun, encouraging, extremely knowledgable and of course, they have magnificent voices with which I was entertained on a weekly basis. They teach many genres of music and theory. It is my pleasure to recommend them.”

Rhonda (student)

“We were so lucky to have found Julie to teach my two daughters. Julie established unique connections with each and tailored her teaching to their interests and abilities. My girls were fully engaged during their lessons – Julie made it very fun! As a result of Julie’s coaching, my daughters sing anywhere, for anyone, any (all) the time. They have found their voices! Thanks Julie!”

Gwen (parent)

“Jeremy did an excellent job preparing me for my Grade 6 RCM Voice exam. We worked a lot on dynamics and foreign-language diction, and the examiner liked everything. For my song in Spanish, Jeremy even researched the most appropriate local dialect! I also used this repertoire to get a scholarship from my music school, and to get into a music-focused day school. Some special things about Jeremy: 1. He was a good male singer role model for me. 2. He knows a lot about the science of singing. 3. He gave me exercises to free up my vibrato. Thanks, Jeremy!”

Rayleigh (student)

“I worked with Jeremy for about a year and a half when he and his wife were living in Toronto. As I am an amateur singer, Jeremy helped me develop my knowledge of musical theory and how the voice works. Not only did I become more confident with my singing, but I started singing some beautiful music. While a bit nerve-wracking to sing a solo at the spring recital, Jeremy encouraged me to participate and later Mendelssohn’s “Lord God of Abraham” became an audition piece for a new choir. As a voice instructor, Jeremy is highly recommended. Thank you for helping me make beautiful music, Jeremy!”

Paul (student)

“Jeremy is a wonderfully gifted and knowledgeable teacher. I enjoyed his sessions tremendously. His technique of coaching, using several different approaches was successful in greatly improving my vocal range & fluidity. His exercises were key to my improved breathing and hence produce improved vocal outcome. His patient coaching was very productive and very much appreciated with gratitude towards a better understanding of how to magnify and use my vocal cords. The quality of my singing has greatly improved and I am now a much better singer.”

Luna (student)

“My daughter studied both voice and theory with Julie for several years and really enjoyed the lessons. Shira was always extremely well prepared for her RCM voice and theory exams due to Julie’s excellent guidance. Shira also participated in Julie’s studio recitals and I was always impressed by the range of Julie’s students both in age and style. I would recommend Julie to anyone seeking a music teacher.”

Debra (parent)